Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Save Me...

....from Etsy - I can't stop looking!
(This one isn't's from a blog called 'Sew Mama'.)

This one deserved a special post of it's is the sentiment that the shop owner listed with this item:

"...they loved you before you were born."

"a concept i stumbled upon while reading barbara kingsolver's the bean trees, where she talks of the notion of loving your grandchildren LONG before they are even a reality. *when i read it the hairs on my arm stood straight up. i can't tell you how many times i have thought about my sons children, and my son is seven."

I have been blessed with a huge capacity to love my grandchildren, present and future; they are just pure joy. Nothing gets me down about them, not diapers, puke, screaming, crying, sweaty cheeks....nothing. I love everything about them, everything!

What mom can't relate to this?

Lovely, one and all.

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Sarra Eaton said...

mom, these items are the Etsy winners of the year!