Thursday, June 24, 2010

Skin Care For Men

This is an informative skin care website, that is made for men but applies to all humans:) Check it out for honest, sensible (maybe that's why it's made for men, but with the information here, I would say it's directed at the metrosexual man, not my husband, who has never put an ounce of moisturizer on his face)(not that he couldn't benefit from it!) and thorough information on skin care products.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Cement of a Marriage...

I am taking this quote from a short story called "Stiltsville" written by Susana Daniel. It's from my subscription of One Story that Sarra bought for me for my birthday. I loved this story, in fact it's my favorite so far. Here is a quote from it that I really thought was interesting and true:

(The protagonist's daughter is getting married) "Of course I hoped for her sake that the marriage would last, but I also hoped something more personal - more selfish, I should say: that Margo would come, through marriage, to understand Dennis and me in ways she never did before. I hoped that Margo would learn that the cement of a marriage never really dries, and she would apply that understanding to her parents, and value the work we'd done to survive."