Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Engagement!

My son is getting married!! We are very happy and proud of him and his choice of bride. We wish them all the very best. The planning is not in high gear yet, but will go into high gear in the very near future no doubt with a sort of kind of June/July date in the works. I will post photos as soon as I get some:-) Life is Wonderful!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Removing WonderUnder™ from the Bottom of your Iron

I had WonderUnder™ stuck to my new, beautiful Rowenta iron - who's main purpose is for sewing...from my Christmas projects. I decided today, to get that gunk off. One sure way, is to go out and purchase this Hot Iron Cleaner from Faultless - available at Wal-Mart and probably elsewhere.I decided to try an internet learned trick first. Place an old towel on your ironing board, and lay out 2-3 dryer sheets (some websites say to use 'used' dryer sheets, some not - I used unused dryer sheets) on top of the towel. Run your hot iron over the first dryer sheet, then over the old towel, then back to another dryer sheet. I had to repeat this 3 times. I used 2 cheapo dryer sheets first, then a Bounce™ dryer sheet. It may have worked faster if I'd started with the Bounce™ sheet. It seemed to get the most off the fastest. After each swipe - again run over the old towel. This saved me a trip to Wal-Mart and some dough...and it worked very well. My iron looks like new again. The online community is so helpful!

Look What I Found - Easy Modesty

BlingIt On!
"Even in this economy, there is always money for modesty."~Tiffany
BlingIt!TM is giving women a better alternative to safety pinning 'hassles'. Not only are they perfect for adjusting clothes to fit properly, they are strong, safe, and beautiful.
Easy Modesty,designs ONLY with Imported Swarovski Crystals, allowing for the highest degree of clarity and quality available. Each BlingIt!TM has been handcrafted by a member of our design team. Website:

All designs and patterns Copyright of EasyModesty Inc. Patent Pending.All Rights Reserved. 2008-2010
I saw these helpful little clips on Kandee Johnsons YouTube Channel. I ordered the Crystal ($5) and the black one ($8.99)

Mascara - Reviews

I normally don't post about Mascara either, see nails below, but for the love...I have two new mascaras, and I don't like either of them. I usually use Mac X, it is perfect in my opinion. The formula is smooth, not too wet, and it doesn't flake ever. A nice balance of natural color and volume. Not so much a lengthener.

The same cannot be said for the next mascaras, one flakes unbearably, and the other is too thin in consistency. The flaky Mascara is L'Oreal Double Extend. First prime, then go over the primed lashes with the black end of the tube. This mascara flakes over the day. Not good.

The next one is Rimmel Glam Eyes in Kohl Black 003. Also not good, it's a thin formula that leaves the lashes black, but wierdly skimpy. Both are disappointing. My policy with high end make up is to keep the packaging and receipt in a drawer until pronounced' wearable' by me. I didn't do that with these purchases b/c both of these mascaras are drug store - but at approx. $10 each - that's $20 down the drain, so lessoned learned. Keep the packaging/receipt for all purchases. Period.
Thanks for listening to this rant...hopefully I will have better luck next time. Two other great mascara labels that I have used up recently: Fresh and Victoria's Secret; both are excellent.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nail Polish Obsessions

I normally don't care about nail polish - it's a bit of a commitment. I am not one that could wear it while it slowly chips off, it either has to be 'on' or 'off' because I can't abide it when it looks messy, so anyway, that means that I have to be willing to keep it up. Which I now here are my current favorites:

Lincoln Park at Midnight - this is not as red as it looks here, more a dark plummy colour.
It's the one on the left, 'Particuliere' that I am in love with...such a pretty color!!!! LOVE.
My Private Jet - also a fab colour. Love it too.

New Alice in Wonderland...a really vivid, heavily glittered blue...perfect summer toes:-)

You may think that is one...'Metro Chic' is similar to the Chanel 'Particuliere', but au contraire. Metro Chic is also a perfect muted color that looks really good on the nails, but it is slightly mauvier than the Chanel - which is a kind of soft grey brown. I love them both.

These are the colours de jour.

Message Walls....

Kind of 'Wailing Walls' where people can leave special messages, requests, prayers etc. They are fascinating; peoples hearts have been poured out upon little bits of paper and fit into crevasses where they hope that the appropriate powers will see them.

This picture was taken in Tokyo

These were found...somewhere...I can't remember where!

This is my lovely sister-in-law in Turkey.


I've blogged about this before, but I have to say it again, this is so fun! Mark and Mariah like to play with me, and I appreciate it. Mariah sings, thank goodness - b/c none of us can! Mark plays the guitar and I am the drummer. Need a fun game that you can play as a family? You do have to be a bit selective about the music...especially for youngsters, but my children are all adults, and we have a blast.