Wednesday, December 30, 2009

YouTube Music

Do you like to watch struggling and not so struggling musicians on YouTube? Here's three to try:

My favorite Christmas Carol:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Did you know the cell phone companies are the number 1 complained about companies in Canada? If you have a cell phone, you know that's true, b/c we are the most gouged country in the world. Enter Wind: we have high hopes Wind, so don't let us down!

"Simply put, we want to create the most unforgettably positive customer experience in Canada.

How? By speaking with you, not at or over you. By making every site you visit, every store you set foot in and every call you have with us into a meaningful conversation to help build something better - together. We'll make it as easy as possible to be a customer. You'll have more control over your mobile experience than you've ever had before. And you'll get all this at a price you can afford.

The result of this vision, the core of what we all believe, is how it affects you...our customers, our partners.

Dialogue. Simplicity. Control. And Value."

"Why WIND?

WIND is an established and growing brand with a successful history of over 10 years in two large European markets (Italy and Greece). WIND is a brand of Wind Telecomunicazione, an operating unit of Weather Investments s.p.A., and its customer base shares a very similar profile with our primary target segment.

By choosing the brand name WIND, we’re not only leveraging its legacy as a challenger, but also its operational intelligence and global experience, bringing global standards for value and service to Canada. This provides us with a solid launching pad as we enter a very competitive and closely held market."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shopping in Tokyo

I was in a shop today for the first time since Tokyo, so I got to pick up a few necessities.That was exciting for me! Time has been at a premium, truly not enough hours in the day (my sweet cousin is sick and so we have been trying to be there for her). In Tokyo it's easy to be in a shop...the shopping and eating never stop, and can be done every few feet! Too bad the yen is up up up, and dollar is down down down. We hardly bought anything there except these super cute alarm clocks that wake you up with tiny little birdie tweets. But for Mark, we bought a ginormous alarm clock with bells the size of biceps on each ring a ding dings!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My poor ignored blog...

I have things to say, but no time to say them. Maybe in a day or two.