Friday, April 24, 2009

Kind Jared

Jared went above and beyond last night - he is a kind son. He was planning to help me with my Pigeon Lake packing...I always take scrapbooking supplies with me, but after work he stayed over at Eli's and sort of forgot about my event. Understandable, he worked all day, but at 1 AM when we touched base, he hopped out of bed, came home (a 20 minute drive) and loaded all my stuff for me! With a smile. That's kindness. Thanks Jay:-)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Talk about cute little biscuits...

Are these three good lookin' boys or what? Time really does fly, because I can see their little boys faces, like it was yesterday. I miss those little boys but I love these young men too. They have the world before is my prayer and hope that they will choose the better part, that they will grasp the best in life... that which will be meaningful, and lasting, and good. I pray for them constantly.


Sarra pointed out to me that the comment function was turned off - I thought it was that no one was paying any attention to me:-) But I have proof that I get a smile from Bren once in a while - she particularly likes it when Mano is in a rip tide. Comment away - it's way more fun. I added some photos below (go see the iguana) - to go with my previous posts, next time I will remember to bring the camera cord with me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blue Day

I had a blue day today (who wouldn't rather be swimming in that yummie pool?) - last day before Mano has to go to work, along with Mark, and Jared stayed over at Eli's. Tomorrow I am back to my usual work...which seems like a bummer after vacation. Everyone else seemed happy to go back, but like I said before, I prefer holidays - maybe b/c all my work is where I live. I just need to get going:-)

On a brighter side, I watched last weeks AI (American Idol) last night - the episode I missed while away, and I can't stop listening to Adam Lambert's 'Mad World'. I love, love, love it. In general he is a little over the top for me, but anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear that he is talented. This song is lovely. Check it out on iTunes, or YouTube.

I know I know, I need pictures...maybe tomorrow after I grocery shop, buy stuff for and regulate the hot tub, do my work for Eli, pay bills and update my budget, make dinner, plan for the weekend retreat at Pigeon Lake, etc. I'll upload my pictures - I told you I was grumpy:-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We moved from Eli's sailboat, which was such fun, and a real adventure, to the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay resort on Monday...where we have enjoyed beautiful views and amazing pools. They have good food and really great service here, so it's a different experience from the first part of our vacation. I loved both. We go home day after tomorrow, and most of us ready to go home. I definitely love vacation the most. I do love my home, but if my family is near I can be happy on vacation indefinitely. I like the travel, the sights, the activities, and the lack of schedule. Everyone else here is starting to feel 'unproductive'...but not me:-)

While I was sitting here typing, the people next to me were all turned around to gawk near me...and I wondered what was up...I looked over, underneath the chair next to me and saw a gigantic (it seemed to me...the pics I took and will post when I get home will probably prove me wrong) iguana. It seemed to see me too at the same time, and came a little closer for a look then jumped onto a nearby planter. I took a series of photos and boogied thinking that if it could jump that planter, it may be able to jump over to me. A closer than desired encounter for me. I can't speak for the iguana.

One reason I m so content, I am convinced, is that via Skype (this is a plug) we have been able to keep in touch with Sarra, Eli and our grandchildren the whole time we've been away. I have my phone messages forwarded to my email, and I received a message from Jane last night, who knows that we are on vacation in Mexico but left a message for us anyway, saying to call because of the wonderlove of Skype, we could, and did! I dialed the house and Jacob answered and he knew it was Grammie right away. What a lovable little gush...I could hear him tell 'Char' that Grammie was on the phone. I love the children, and those smartie pants at Skype.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today we got up and dressed on the boat, for church, hired a taxi to take us to the 11 AM meeting. I had found one of three buildings in the area on the internet, but our driver didn't know the street names. He was persistent however, and we found the building. The church was very pretty, I felt the spirit the minute I sat down. The talks, and the music made me cry though I could only understand a very few words. It didn't matter really, I knew what they were saying, because they were sharing their testimony of the gospel. I understood perfectly their love and gratitude for our Saviour, for His atonement, for the guidance of a loving Heavenly Father, for the the gift of the Holy Ghost, for the church including our living prophet President Monson, for loving families, for all these great things that make our lives rich and meaningful. We had a truly glorious Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Man Overboard....

Or more accurately, man pulled out to sea in a rip tide...Dad some how ended up waaay out there where a rip tide took him on his boogie board. He had to be rescued by Life Guards who were already on their way out there to help a young child in trouble...then they found dad there too. They asked him what he was doing, in Spanish, and he said he didn't know. They informed him that you couldn't really boogie board out there...something he was painfully aware of. They hauled them both in to safety, the boy on Dad's boogie board, and Dad on a rope. Whew. My board had been ripped off my arm by a huge wave and so I had to go all the way to shore to retrieve it, by the time I got back out to the wave line, I couldn't find Dad anywhere. I was looking all over, also the shoreline, wondering if he'd gone back to lay out in the sun. I saw a kerfuffle out on the horizon, but I thought there was no way Dad would be out there since he bugs me if I go in past my chest.

Mark and Eli were out all day on surf boards, and the rest of us played on boogie boards all day. It was HOT today, and I have pictures to prove that this HOLY WEEK - as it is called here, brought every single Mexican in the region tot he beach. It is the single most loud place I have EVER witnessed in my life. The traffico was loco...I mean unbelievable, with people literally hanging from the front, back, top side of cars and trucks and ATV's etc. and music blasting from every speaker possible. The beach was an endless wave of umbrellas, and undulating humanity. It's fun and exciting, and interesting. I love Mexico, with it's happy, colorful and friendly inhabitants. Thank goodness Dad was rescued by a really great Mexican life guard, on his toes. A blessing on Easter weekend. We are going to try to attend church tomorrow, gathering what we can in spanish.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sun Burn

Every time we go on vacation to a sunny location, I feel like I will not never fails, that I spend the first day in ignorant bliss and the 2nd and 3rd day in pain. I use sunblock, but to no avail. I guess I am lucky in that it goes away quickly and from then on, can tan, but it's like clockwork - a nice sunburn every single time. I hate the way that it sets one apart from the locals...oh there goes a TOURIST, look how red her forehead is. Real nice. Then to secure the deal (as a tourist, I mean), I bust out a great phrase like...donde esta las playas? What's funny is that I often will lamely fill in a Spanish word that I don't the word for, with a Farsi word, in the insane hope that the Mexican person will know a mix of Persian, Spanish and English. It's comedy all day long here in Mazatlan, b/c hardly anyone speaks English, which surprised us somewhat.

We took the boat out for the first time today - it was wonderful. Only one of us suffered from a little greeness...I'll let you guess. It wasn't me:-) We were out to enjoy a beautiful ocean sunset, and then came in to the marina and walked to a nearby eatery, where we saw the coolest bathrooms we've ever seen. They were very 'cowboy' and super creative. Then we went to a gas station with a mini mart attached that stocked all their goods on library shelves - seriously, very swank. Tomorrow is a big sail and surf day...I cant wait.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fear and the World

I enjoyed Pres. Monson's talk today about fear and the world. He asked us to 'turn away from the troubles of the world...and towards our blessings as members of the church' (roughly paraphrased). If a person watches the news there is much to worry about, the economy, crime and apostasy, our children in an increasingly difficult world. However, we do not need to fear, nor should we. The Saviour said "be of good cheer, for I the Lord am with you and will stand by you". I love how this makes me feel. Instead of being worried, we can view this life as an adventure, taking on the hills and valleys with relish. I love my Saviour and am thankful for my knowledge of Him.

Pres. Monson also told a story about Elder Uchtdorf's ancestors - a woman with four children, near starvation, burying each child, one by one, with nothing but a serving spoon. This really tore at my heart... we today, in North America (that is my disclaimer) really cannot fear, or complain because we are not asked to sacrifice in that way. Even in these times of restraint (coming off a time of extreme prosperity), will we ever be asked to really sacrifice? I am actually kind of gratified that the excess is over. I like the feeling of being a little more careful. It feels good.

So, speaking of adventure, I am staying for 2 weeks on Eli's compares quite favorably with camping. The first night we were without water, and sewer, and lights...sewer being the most missed I think. Tonight I think we will have lights and water, but I'm not sure about sewer, the operators (Mark and Mano) are working on it. Today we listened to conference (we don't have water, sewer, or lights, but we have wireless internet...go figure) explored the area a little in an open air taxi, and did lots and lots of walking, and ate wonderful food. So far the food has been first rate. I had coconut Mahi Mahi and the boys have eaten fajitas, and tacos, etc. Really, really good food. Tomorrow we'll hit the beaches, and once Eli gets here we'll do some sailing - which we are all very excited about! It's so fun to be here with Mark and know when you camp and there isn't TV or friends to take them away, so you talk and play games, and tell stories - Mark played the guitar and Dad sang a little Pink Floyd for us. Tim would be proud. The only thing that could make experience better is for Sarra and her family to share it with us. We really do miss them terribly. Pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is the Car I Love...

Any time anyone tries to talk to me about a vehicles I begin to cry, b/c my beloved Volvo has now been gone for nearly 2 years and I still do not have my own vehicle. Can you believe that? I have looked at every kind of car. cross over, SUV, and I still do not know what to buy. I hear Auntie seconding this motion, b/c she's been talking about buying a vehicle for the last two years at least, too. The good ones are expensive, that is the basic problem, and also I am attracted to gas guzzlers, for good reason, they get me out of my drive way all winter. So I have been stuck., and it does make me cry, that's no joke, just ask Mano:-)

Sweetest Memories

Our family was busy bonding this week, as we gathered at Sarra and Tim's home for the birth of their new baby, Scarlet. Jared and I went down first, and cared for the children while Tim and Sarra were in Lethbridge to have the baby, but they were only gone for 24 hours, and then we had this magical week together. Scarlet is as dear as she can possibly be, all yummie smells and contentedness. She is so lovely. I loved spending time with Sarra, we had a lot of time to talk, and share - I detest living so far from her, even though I talk to her nearly every day, I long to be nearer. I just appreciate her company. We had fun taking care of her little family together. Such a perfect week...and I should say that we would have done it a lot more simply if Jared were not there to help out...I don't know how many runs to the grocery store he made, with 1-2 children in tow; lots!

I got lots of play time with the kids - Jane and I made up corny love 'I love you like a shiny new penny', or 'I miss you like the wind in the willows'. It was a fun game. Charlie is a wonder of animal love...he is enchanting to watch with his unique animal pack each day...a carefully chosen motley herd. his kindness is a wonder to behold. Jacob and I are true buds illustrated by the fact that one morning, when both his mom and dad were still in bed, he called for to my ears.

Near the end of the week, Mark, Eli and Mano came down too, and I was worried about the volume of humans in the house with a possibly hormonal mommie and baby and 3 other children adjusting to new baby...etc., but to me at least - it was wonderful to have our family all together at such a happy and wonderful time. I will remember this time together as really special. The honesty, love, and caring that the kids all show one another... it really gives a glimpse into what heaven may be like. If anything, I was hormonal...I am the only one that was really emotional...just so hard for me to say goodbye. I cried all the last 12 hours, no kidding. I know we need pics here, I will add them soon.