Thursday, April 16, 2009


We moved from Eli's sailboat, which was such fun, and a real adventure, to the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay resort on Monday...where we have enjoyed beautiful views and amazing pools. They have good food and really great service here, so it's a different experience from the first part of our vacation. I loved both. We go home day after tomorrow, and most of us ready to go home. I definitely love vacation the most. I do love my home, but if my family is near I can be happy on vacation indefinitely. I like the travel, the sights, the activities, and the lack of schedule. Everyone else here is starting to feel 'unproductive'...but not me:-)

While I was sitting here typing, the people next to me were all turned around to gawk near me...and I wondered what was up...I looked over, underneath the chair next to me and saw a gigantic (it seemed to me...the pics I took and will post when I get home will probably prove me wrong) iguana. It seemed to see me too at the same time, and came a little closer for a look then jumped onto a nearby planter. I took a series of photos and boogied thinking that if it could jump that planter, it may be able to jump over to me. A closer than desired encounter for me. I can't speak for the iguana.

One reason I m so content, I am convinced, is that via Skype (this is a plug) we have been able to keep in touch with Sarra, Eli and our grandchildren the whole time we've been away. I have my phone messages forwarded to my email, and I received a message from Jane last night, who knows that we are on vacation in Mexico but left a message for us anyway, saying to call because of the wonderlove of Skype, we could, and did! I dialed the house and Jacob answered and he knew it was Grammie right away. What a lovable little gush...I could hear him tell 'Char' that Grammie was on the phone. I love the children, and those smartie pants at Skype.

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