Saturday, April 11, 2009

Man Overboard....

Or more accurately, man pulled out to sea in a rip tide...Dad some how ended up waaay out there where a rip tide took him on his boogie board. He had to be rescued by Life Guards who were already on their way out there to help a young child in trouble...then they found dad there too. They asked him what he was doing, in Spanish, and he said he didn't know. They informed him that you couldn't really boogie board out there...something he was painfully aware of. They hauled them both in to safety, the boy on Dad's boogie board, and Dad on a rope. Whew. My board had been ripped off my arm by a huge wave and so I had to go all the way to shore to retrieve it, by the time I got back out to the wave line, I couldn't find Dad anywhere. I was looking all over, also the shoreline, wondering if he'd gone back to lay out in the sun. I saw a kerfuffle out on the horizon, but I thought there was no way Dad would be out there since he bugs me if I go in past my chest.

Mark and Eli were out all day on surf boards, and the rest of us played on boogie boards all day. It was HOT today, and I have pictures to prove that this HOLY WEEK - as it is called here, brought every single Mexican in the region tot he beach. It is the single most loud place I have EVER witnessed in my life. The traffico was loco...I mean unbelievable, with people literally hanging from the front, back, top side of cars and trucks and ATV's etc. and music blasting from every speaker possible. The beach was an endless wave of umbrellas, and undulating humanity. It's fun and exciting, and interesting. I love Mexico, with it's happy, colorful and friendly inhabitants. Thank goodness Dad was rescued by a really great Mexican life guard, on his toes. A blessing on Easter weekend. We are going to try to attend church tomorrow, gathering what we can in spanish.

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