Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today we got up and dressed on the boat, for church, hired a taxi to take us to the 11 AM meeting. I had found one of three buildings in the area on the internet, but our driver didn't know the street names. He was persistent however, and we found the building. The church was very pretty, I felt the spirit the minute I sat down. The talks, and the music made me cry though I could only understand a very few words. It didn't matter really, I knew what they were saying, because they were sharing their testimony of the gospel. I understood perfectly their love and gratitude for our Saviour, for His atonement, for the guidance of a loving Heavenly Father, for the the gift of the Holy Ghost, for the church including our living prophet President Monson, for loving families, for all these great things that make our lives rich and meaningful. We had a truly glorious Easter.

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