Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweetest Memories

Our family was busy bonding this week, as we gathered at Sarra and Tim's home for the birth of their new baby, Scarlet. Jared and I went down first, and cared for the children while Tim and Sarra were in Lethbridge to have the baby, but they were only gone for 24 hours, and then we had this magical week together. Scarlet is as dear as she can possibly be, all yummie smells and contentedness. She is so lovely. I loved spending time with Sarra, we had a lot of time to talk, and share - I detest living so far from her, even though I talk to her nearly every day, I long to be nearer. I just appreciate her company. We had fun taking care of her little family together. Such a perfect week...and I should say that we would have done it a lot more simply if Jared were not there to help out...I don't know how many runs to the grocery store he made, with 1-2 children in tow; lots!

I got lots of play time with the kids - Jane and I made up corny love 'I love you like a shiny new penny', or 'I miss you like the wind in the willows'. It was a fun game. Charlie is a wonder of animal love...he is enchanting to watch with his unique animal pack each day...a carefully chosen motley herd. his kindness is a wonder to behold. Jacob and I are true buds illustrated by the fact that one morning, when both his mom and dad were still in bed, he called for to my ears.

Near the end of the week, Mark, Eli and Mano came down too, and I was worried about the volume of humans in the house with a possibly hormonal mommie and baby and 3 other children adjusting to new baby...etc., but to me at least - it was wonderful to have our family all together at such a happy and wonderful time. I will remember this time together as really special. The honesty, love, and caring that the kids all show one another... it really gives a glimpse into what heaven may be like. If anything, I was hormonal...I am the only one that was really emotional...just so hard for me to say goodbye. I cried all the last 12 hours, no kidding. I know we need pics here, I will add them soon.

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