Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blue Day

I had a blue day today (who wouldn't rather be swimming in that yummie pool?) - last day before Mano has to go to work, along with Mark, and Jared stayed over at Eli's. Tomorrow I am back to my usual work...which seems like a bummer after vacation. Everyone else seemed happy to go back, but like I said before, I prefer holidays - maybe b/c all my work is where I live. I just need to get going:-)

On a brighter side, I watched last weeks AI (American Idol) last night - the episode I missed while away, and I can't stop listening to Adam Lambert's 'Mad World'. I love, love, love it. In general he is a little over the top for me, but anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear that he is talented. This song is lovely. Check it out on iTunes, or YouTube.

I know I know, I need pictures...maybe tomorrow after I grocery shop, buy stuff for and regulate the hot tub, do my work for Eli, pay bills and update my budget, make dinner, plan for the weekend retreat at Pigeon Lake, etc. I'll upload my pictures - I told you I was grumpy:-)

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