Monday, December 16, 2013


Jared decided to forego the Lorenzo Snow look...I wish I had a photo...if I can find one, I'll add it. This is his beard after a professional shave...a MAJOR improvement I say. I never heard anyone say anything good about his former beard other than Linda, who tolerated it pretty well. I learned that the more I said about it, the more likely it was to stay:) The funniest comment goes to Sorour...who just said and I quote "pakone". Erase.

Merry Christmas to Me

This came in the mail for me today - the most beautiful iPhone case I have ever seen, and it was packaged so prettily that I was loathe to open it. But I did, to find the cutest notes inside! I am in love with my little book case...much like the original I received as a gift from Sarra for my iPhone 4. The funny thing is that I couldn't take a photo with the phone inside...haha.It's beautiful though, trust me.