Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fear and the World

I enjoyed Pres. Monson's talk today about fear and the world. He asked us to 'turn away from the troubles of the world...and towards our blessings as members of the church' (roughly paraphrased). If a person watches the news there is much to worry about, the economy, crime and apostasy, our children in an increasingly difficult world. However, we do not need to fear, nor should we. The Saviour said "be of good cheer, for I the Lord am with you and will stand by you". I love how this makes me feel. Instead of being worried, we can view this life as an adventure, taking on the hills and valleys with relish. I love my Saviour and am thankful for my knowledge of Him.

Pres. Monson also told a story about Elder Uchtdorf's ancestors - a woman with four children, near starvation, burying each child, one by one, with nothing but a serving spoon. This really tore at my heart... we today, in North America (that is my disclaimer) really cannot fear, or complain because we are not asked to sacrifice in that way. Even in these times of restraint (coming off a time of extreme prosperity), will we ever be asked to really sacrifice? I am actually kind of gratified that the excess is over. I like the feeling of being a little more careful. It feels good.

So, speaking of adventure, I am staying for 2 weeks on Eli's compares quite favorably with camping. The first night we were without water, and sewer, and lights...sewer being the most missed I think. Tonight I think we will have lights and water, but I'm not sure about sewer, the operators (Mark and Mano) are working on it. Today we listened to conference (we don't have water, sewer, or lights, but we have wireless internet...go figure) explored the area a little in an open air taxi, and did lots and lots of walking, and ate wonderful food. So far the food has been first rate. I had coconut Mahi Mahi and the boys have eaten fajitas, and tacos, etc. Really, really good food. Tomorrow we'll hit the beaches, and once Eli gets here we'll do some sailing - which we are all very excited about! It's so fun to be here with Mark and know when you camp and there isn't TV or friends to take them away, so you talk and play games, and tell stories - Mark played the guitar and Dad sang a little Pink Floyd for us. Tim would be proud. The only thing that could make experience better is for Sarra and her family to share it with us. We really do miss them terribly. Pictures tomorrow.

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