Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Removing WonderUnder™ from the Bottom of your Iron

I had WonderUnder™ stuck to my new, beautiful Rowenta iron - who's main purpose is for sewing...from my Christmas projects. I decided today, to get that gunk off. One sure way, is to go out and purchase this Hot Iron Cleaner from Faultless - available at Wal-Mart and probably elsewhere.I decided to try an internet learned trick first. Place an old towel on your ironing board, and lay out 2-3 dryer sheets (some websites say to use 'used' dryer sheets, some not - I used unused dryer sheets) on top of the towel. Run your hot iron over the first dryer sheet, then over the old towel, then back to another dryer sheet. I had to repeat this 3 times. I used 2 cheapo dryer sheets first, then a Bounce™ dryer sheet. It may have worked faster if I'd started with the Bounce™ sheet. It seemed to get the most off the fastest. After each swipe - again run over the old towel. This saved me a trip to Wal-Mart and some dough...and it worked very well. My iron looks like new again. The online community is so helpful!

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