Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Socks

This is for you Royall...I was too lazy (sorry!) to get out my good camera so this is a phone pic emailed to myself...not the greatest quality. It's a simple chain stitch used and then a single or double crochet.

I have a story about these socks; I took my beads, socks, and cotton yarn to Iran back in 2005 and as you would expect, we had a lot of visits from extended family. Though I can speak and understand a lot of Farsi, in these situations it sometimes got to be too much, too fast, so I would crochet socks for the little girls that were in attendance and they would love to watch and take their socks home with them. It's a fast activity to do, and a cute gift.

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Royall said...

So beautiful- you NEED to teach me.