Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am in to quilts these days, not the kind I make myself, though that is my favorite kind, but since I cannot seem to find the wherewithal to make them, I am looking at them on Etsy and on the blogoshpere. Here is one that caught my eye; it's not a typical quilt, but I love the retro, kind of boho vibe. I have the fabric for many quilts, mostly for the grandchildren...I made one for Mano, for Charlie, and for Jacob. What about the girls you say? Good question, nothing is stopping me but my own inertia. It's not for the lack of fabric! I think my expectations are too high for the girl projects...what I want to accomplish, whereas the boy quilts were simple. Maybe I need to bring the projects down to a manageable level, hmmm, something to think about. This quilt is from a blog called Chasing Cottons, check out what the gal accomplished in one year here!

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