Monday, February 28, 2011

More from Isfhan

Remember I said that we enjoyed some very large family gatherings? Well, here is one in Isfahan with 22 in attendance for a full meal. It was fantastic; all made by Mano's cousin Mitra.

A shop in the great bazaar from an earlier post...these metal trays are hammered on the premises, along with many other items, like giant copper pots etc. When I say giant, I mean giant...big a enough to camp in nearly!

A picture of the artist that made some of the things that Sorour sent over for Sarra when Maman and Baba came over last time...she still has them of course. While there this time, Sorour showed us the shop and the artist and I snapped a photo for makes the gifts she has a little more precious.

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Anonymous said...

Right now I feel like I could devour that feast for 22 people! It looks delicious.

Will I see you on Saturday at the Relief Society Conference?