Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Iran

Some pictures take at a place on the Caspian Sea, in the north of Iran, at a place called Namak Abroud where we rode in these 'telecabins' (pronounced telecaubin) as they call them...I wish I could show you Mano's face...he was not happy about these gondolas, no siree. He doesn't think the good people of Iran are into regular maintenance....but I am not sure what he has for evidence.

I loved the ride up and down (because I am blissfully unaware of the potential maintenance issues); the view was could see the coast of course and out over the sea. The reward at the top is a verdant forest that we could tramp through, picnic in; enjoying some local treats, like the spiral potato chips seen below and a bowl of wonderful 'ash reshte' which is noodle soup Persian style. I have a picture of this soup, it was delicious, but the picture doesn't do it justice.

Our niece, Maryam, and nephew Javad. They are very sweet natured, fun, smart and we miss them!

The whole fam...Maman, Maryam, Sima, Mohammad, Baba, Sorour, and Manochehr and I.

Maryam and I in front of a door to a home in a very old and a quaint neighbourhood in the very northern most part of Tehran. It used to be a separate city but it has 'run' into Tehran now. Most of the homes had to be hiked up to on narrow trails, there were no roads for vehicles. The paths are twisty and the terrain is hilly; to reach the doorstep of one home, you had to cross a bridge over a deep creek. There are no chubby biscuits living up here, let me tell you.

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Thanks for posting your travel pictures and stories- they're so interesting!