Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Pomegranite's anyone??

How about fresh bread?

Iran is in the news again, and so I decided to post some of the long overdue pics from our recent trip there before Christmas. It's one of those places where the complexities are baffling...strong, intelligent people, highly educated...deeply family oriented - it's a very developed place in a way, and not in a way. Rich history, beauty everywhere...but at the same time a work weary tension that is evident not just below the surface, but in the wide open light of day; the burden of the life there is in the faces of the people from whom you buy bread, get your hair cut, grab a cab ride, or order a meal. Everyone is on the edge of what they can bear. But still...I love it because of the sounds (where else can you awaken to the sounds of a seller on a loud speaker driving slowly by your window in a truck, selling TV's and oranges?), the sights, the smells, and the love I feel from my family there.

More pics to come...I have so many good ones. When you've had too many, yell STOP!!

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