Monday, February 21, 2011


We stopped at this hotel for 'Fast Food' which is the name they give
to all American food, like pizza, hamburgers etc.

Amol has very fond memories for Manochehr, it is where his family traveled for summer vacation every year. It is quite a distance from Abadan, as on is on the very southern coast, and the other on the very northern coast. We felt so close to these people, a true familial love though this was my first time meeting most of them. One girl, Cosar, sat beside me and stayed with me, peeling me oranges and making sure I had a drink, or a treat - and we talked quite a lot. I wished to myself that my son would meet just such a girl someday (soon!) - she was so sweet, and kind.

The marvel is that we think of Manocher as being rather solitary, but in reality he has a monstrously large family! Everywhere we went there would be 16-22 people over for dinner. I will show some of these huge dinner parties in upcoming posts.

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