Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tarantula's, Oh my!

And....some Ukranian culture. A picture of my nephew, holding a tarantula on Canada Day at the County celebrations.I also, impulsively, stuck out my hand for a try, and did ok for a moment or two, and then bagan to panic. A swell of panic. The lady near me, a stranger, put her hand out to steady me, and calmed me enough for the fellow monitoring all of us to get the spider safely away from me.

We also visited a Ukranian community, in it's 1920 state, that was very interesting. We were quite fascinated by this one room mud hut, and wondered at the ingenuity of the space - it was quite cozy and functional. Where oh where would I put my dining room table though:)

BTW These photos were taken with my iPhone, so pardon the grainy indoor photo - the outdoor photos aren't too bad!

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