Monday, August 30, 2010

A Beautiful Day

We had one of those magical days yesterday, Sunday, where love and peace, and fun flowed liberally. There was Eli, Jenny, Mark, Mariah, Mariah's sister Summer, Dad and I. We had good food (if you must know everything, it was Teriyaki marinated rib eye steak, with corn on the cob, greek salad, rice, potatoes and grilled tomatoes and brownies), good talks, fun outside pruning the apple tree (that was my idea of fun - I called out, "everyone pick up 10 apples - that's 70 apples off the ground), we made more treats (macaroons) - because Mark, Mariah and Summer ate most of the brownies BEFORE supper:), and just had a warm, happy, love filled day. There is nothing that can take the place of love and harmony in your relationships - it means so much. I love my family dearly, and consider all these people my family! If only Jared, Sarra and Timmy, Jane, Charlie, Jacob, and Scarlet had been home to join us - that would have made the day entirely heavenly. Still, the day was the balm of Gilead to my soul.

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Royall said...

Those kind of days are the most beautiful.