Monday, August 23, 2010

Ode to Charlie

You would think, to look at these pictures, that Mano built the entire shed, but actually, Charlie, and I both helped. Charlie was here for the early stages, and showed real aptitude, and perseverance while helping baba work. He had 'stick-to-it-iveness' which is a trait that baba really appreciates. Your humble writer measured, designed, hammered, nail-gunned, and helped hang, the doors - that's all, just the doors. But really, Mano built a beautiful, well-built shed, that any shovel would be proud to dwell in.

It's actually not done yet, there are two windows that are to go either side of the barn like door. They are framed, but not cut yet. We'll see when that happens! You should see the garage right now - you know how one first must make a BIG mess before the clean up is complete? Well, I spared you the photo of the garage floor. It's just too awful, just like I have spared you the photo of the horrible bite I have on my leg...I am allergic to some creature in this yard - I've had 4 bites in 8 years, and each one is a scarred disaster. But I digress. The shed has been a slice - it was really nice to work outside, and it's fun to create something out of wood, I especially like wood.


Royall said...

The shed looks so good! That can't be the first shed you've made because it definitely doesn't look like an amateur diy project.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you - but I can't take that credit - that really does belong to Uncle Manochehr, who it seems, can build or do anything he sets his mind to. He's just that kind of guy. It's his first shed, but he did build a porch once, in Wabasca. I wonder if it's still standing???