Friday, May 21, 2010

My New Best Friend - Electrolux

The title of this is a bit of a misnomer, because when it comes to floor cleaning, my real best friend is Judy, my housekeeper helper. But when she isn't due for a few days, or even a week, then I want something easy - and these two tools fit the bill. The Bissell steamer I've had for about a year, and I like it a lot, though it hasn't revolutionized my life like the Electrolux has.

This vacuum (bottom photo) is amazing for several reasons:
1. super handy dandy
2. light in weight
3. powerful for it's size
4. it has 2 ways to remove the dust from the dust cup, so easy. The second way (the first being the obvious way) is to use the hose from your central vac when it's out for your regular vacuuming - it fits up to a hole in the canister so that you can just vacuum out the dust cup without ever taking anything apart - which is much cleaner.
5. it is agile...this little baby can turn on a dime.
6. it's slim so easy to store
7. can be used on any floor/carpet surface
8. it has a hand vacuum attachment
9. mine is a pretty gold color.
10 there are two special attachments for small specialized jobs.

It only has a downside if you expect it to be your regular vacuum - it's not nearly powerful enough for that, but if you use it to do quick clean ups, in between your bigger cleaning with the central vac - come on, who wants to bring out the 3 miles of hose and power head for a quick clean up - then you will love this vacuum.

So, first I go over everything with the Electrolux, and then if needed go over again with the Bissell Steamer...which is also very easy to use, but you know, it's corded, needs water, you have to move everything out of the way...I only do if I have to, but I whip the vacuum out every day.

I bought mine at Costco for $99, however, in July, it's going on sale for $79.

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Royall said...

I love how sleek this is- if it was powerful enough for a regular vacuum it would be dreamy.