Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mac Pigments 4 Less

I have only just begun to experiment with pigments, but in learning about them the first thing I noticed is that they come in gargantuan sizes - I mean in life time, Costco™, super-sized amounts. Thusly, they are expensive. In order to sample many different colours and NOT be committed to life time amounts - I have ordered mine from an online store called 'TheBodyNeeds" at where the product comes (1/4 teaspoon) in little 3-5 gram screw top jars. These are the perfect size, and cost around 1.99 each so you can try as many as you like. I'm not sure I could use up even 1/4 teaspoon, it's more than you think, as the product goes a long way. If you find that you really love a certain color and are using more of it, then buy the original size. Here are my favorites so far:

• Naked
• Melon
• Blue Brown

Something else I have discovered...Lancome's Art Liner (the absolute best liquid eye liner - truly) retails for an astounding $38 at Sephora here in Canada, but you can pick this up, along with many other great bargains at another online store called for $14. Now that is a bargain, not too much more than drugstore, oh so smooth to apply. It takes the 'tricky' out of liquid liner.

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