Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stake Women's Conference

I was edified today, for about 45 minutes, because, and this is a sob story, I was late for a variety of reasons. First, my furnace is on the fritz - I think maybe snow on the roof or something, so I shivered all night in a 66 degree C house, b/c I couldn't get a fire started, and the starter on my fireplace in my bedroom also didn't work - it has never not worked before, but of course this would all happen at the same time, so I had to fool around with the furnace, and call around to furnace fixers...b/c Manochehr, who's job all these things are, has been at work for two weeks straight (ok this is not a sob story about him, though truth be told, his story is worse than mine). Also, we are buried in snow here b/c the battery on the quad is dead and so neither Jared nor I have been able to clear the driveway, so I literally four by four out of here, over piles of snow. And last night Jared and Mark slept at Eli's, so I was on my own...

I did finally make it to the stake center and enjoyed a really good talk on journals. I was struck by one thing the sister those who think that 'not much happens around here'; to this person she explained that we all have loved ones who will be interested in our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and that we can stand to support these loved ones in various ways even after we're gone - through our journals. One thing my loved ones will be able to verify from my journals is the depth of my love and devotion to them...I have said it in real life, and it is recorded multiple times in my journals. They will feel loved, that's for sure, and that might feel good sometimes when things are tough.

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