Monday, March 9, 2009

Poor Manochehr

Now for Mano's sob story...he is the Super for two plants (one would be bad enough) one larger than the other. The larger one has two big boilers that have tubes that go around them that were up for maintenance in the next shut down coming up in a month or two. Well, first the one set of tubes leaked, and unbelievably, and most unlikely, the second sprung a leak...that was a little over two weeks ago...and we haven't seen hide nor hair of him since. This is bad b/c that plant is not producing (chaching). This is where you can start's been miserably cold the whole entire time, they work around the clock, and his wife keeps calling him to complain that she has to brush snow off the truck, or that her furnace is on and off not working, or some such 'emergency'. I didn't call all day yesterday which was probably a blessing:-) I do miss him though - I hope he comes home soon. (The picture shows a more relaxed Mano)

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