Saturday, March 24, 2012


Was it only a couple of days ago that I was Basking in the Glow? Today I've been a grumpy pants... well, the day started off wonderfully, with a sweet call from birthday girl, Scarlet. It went downhill thereafter with  discussions about messes (am I really here to pick up garbage), budgets, and excessive TV. All these topics apparently fall under 'never to be resolved' and shouldn't be tackled all on the same day. ever. Oh, and someone from the lane across the median threw a huge chunk of steel at my car and gave it a good crease. That didn't help - I actually cried. Why is everyone messy, and no one listens?

It's no accident that Ephesians 4:29-32 came up as the Scripture of the Day today. I love that I can learn something every. single. day.

Tomorrow is another day, in fact the Sabbath day, and I'm looking forward to that time to renew. I'm also thankful for a companion to attend church with, and for my many blessings...I have to unwind:)

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