Monday, March 12, 2012

Gold Shopping

Iran is a fun place to go gold shopping, because they tend to have the gold shops all together, so there will be a whole 'mall' of gold. Handmade, traditional, modern, it's all there. We walked through these shops in Tajrish - a bazaar in the North of Tehran, and found a shop where we had some of my old gold and a 'mongo' gold ring that Eli had purchased from an East Indian shop, here in Edmonton, evaluated and then sold.  They test it on the spot for it's carat weight.

Manochehr asked me to pick something out, with the money from the sale, but for some reason I couldn't do it - I wasn't feeling 'spendy' which is a rare occurrence for me indeed! He found a replica of a water pitcher, it was old and needed polishing, apparently belonging to the shop keeper's mother; he picked that up for me (photo below). I haven't taken it off since other than to photograph it now!

The last photo is of a lovely parting gift that was given me by my sweet sister-in-law Sorour. She surprised me with this beautiful bracelet - which suits me very well, I love this kind of cord and design. I will keep it throughout my life, and pass it along as  keepsake from a beloved sister. 

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Jennifer Dehghani said...

I am in love with the necklace he got you.