Saturday, March 24, 2012

An eon

It seems like an eon since I last saw Sarra, Tim and's actually only been since Feb. 5th, Jane's baptism, but a lot has happened since and it seems  a long time. Not just to me, to Mano too. We've been hinting madly, but if something doesn't materialize soon, we'll be making the trek ourselves...we don't mind one bit. Because I want this home to feel familiar to them at all times, if we make a change - I have to 'show' them...even the kids... I'm not sure I can explain it well, but I want them to always know 'home' at for example this last week Mano surprised me by rearranging our whole entire room (Love it!) I didn't like that the kids may be picturing it wrong, so we 'facebooked' and straightened that out. I've hung some pictures, replaced the dishwasher, rearranged the guest bedroom (new mattress/headboard for those who have complained about the old one - ) all of which have been duly noted by the Eatons. Home is still home...all will be familiar when they do get here - which I hope is soon! I think Timmy is still reeling a little bit from last summer when Sarra was pregnant and wanted to be cooked for by her mom and dad - the best summer of our lives - but it made a bit of a ping pong ball out of poor Tim. Sorry Tim, and please come visit soon!

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