Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get READY for FOOD Pics!

One of the biggest treats about travel to Iran, besides the beautiful family, people, and landscape, is the food! Timmy, my son-in-law, once said that if he hadn't met Sarra, he wouldn't know about his favorite food! I concur! So my first posts after 16 days in Iran, are pictures of the food we enjoyed! We were treated like royalty with delicious meals at home and as guests to other family or in restaurants; all food experiences were glorious:)

Pomegranates - bought by the huge bag (this is 'small potatoes')

Khoreshte Bademjun  (Eggplant Stew)

Shole Zard (Rice Pudding)

Kebab Koobideh 

Fruit set out in front of each guest - it isn't hard to eat your daily requirement of fruit in Iran, because it will be set out for you every where you go to visit!

Khoreshte Gheimeh (Okra Stew)

Dol Adas (Rice with Lentils & Zereshk or Barberries) A favorite!

A 10 dish spread ALL prepared by Afsaneh - she rolled out the carpet for us - all the food was amazing!! I will post her photo later, but she is a very dear family member that we love to pieces!

Chicken Salad with Capers

Ashe Reshte (Noodle soup with Whey and Minted Sauteed Onions) YUM.

No one makes Dolmeh, like Maman Pari - she is being helped here by my sister-in-law Sima. They are the best in the world. Period. 

Another photo of the Dolmeh being put together...I've tried, it ain't easy:)


Little Bohemia said...

I want to make Dolmeh!

Royall said...

That food looks absolutely insane! My mouth is literally watering right. Like it actually is.

Jennifer Dehghani said...

Looks delicious. I don't think I would want to be around for the clean up.

Elizabeth said...

You got that right! There were 28 people at Afsaneh's for dinner, and yes they all have enough plates and cutlery for that kind of crowd, and yes we had to wash everything! It was fun though - we laughed our heads off in the kitchen.