Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jane's Embroidery

A lovely gift from my then 7 year old grand daughter (she's 8 now!), Jane, for this last Christmas. It took me awhile to decide how I would display it - as a pillow, or in a frame of some kind. I washed it, stretched it out on an ironing board and pinned it so I could kind of steam/iron it dry. Then stretched and pinned it to foam board, and framed it with this beautiful oval frame. I LOVE it and it will hang in my home from now on, til the end of (my) which time it will got back to Jane for her future home. It's so, so beautiful! It really has meant a lot to me because I know how long it took her to embroider! She's an accomplished girl, and an angel:)

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Lew said...

What a beautiful piece! Those Eaton's are such a special bunch! What a treasure to have in your home, beautifully displayed.