Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding....

I can't believe that I posted about Sun News, and not about the Royal wedding that took place today. I actually don't have a lot to say about the wedding - I did't plan to stay up in fact, though I did tape the channel so that I could watch the next day, however as it began to unfold, I couldn't shut off the television...and so then basically saw the entire wedding live....but for the kiss.

The reason it's so enchanting to me is because it seems that there is a chance that this couple will be happy, and that somehow the tragedy that was Diana is sort of a closed case now with her son married for love.

The one thing that irked me about the coverage, was that whenever Princess Diana was mentioned, it was in the capacity of having been weak and un-prepared for the strain of royal life. I disagree, in that she had the potential to be truly great with her ability to reach out and inspire and care about people...her progress was hindered by the fact that she was not loved by her husband...and her lack of security in that area was her undoing. Had Prince Charles been true; a real husband to her, Diana's legacy would have been quite different, and in fact perhaps she would have been in attendance today to witness the marriage of her eldest son. That's my opinion.

I guess to be fair to Prince Charles...he was more or less coerced into marrying, not for love, but for it was a diaster all the way around. I felt like this thorny issue was skirted by the coverage anyway...I'm sure this catosrophic disaster is what lead to the freedom of William to choose to marry for love, whether from the aristocracy class or not.

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