Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Read - A Walk in the Woods

Picture this...I am lounging first on the couch, then reading with the book in one hand whilst I cook with the other, then talking on the phone whilst sneaking a few words from the book...the house is completely quiet....except for the intermittent though frequent gales of laughter that could only be attributed to me - this book is that funny. I am only up to Chapter Three, but I had to toss it aside after laughing hysterically...alone, and rush over to the computer to add this post to my blog.

I'd heard of this book a while back, though I probably never would have picked this up if I hadn't read a previous (or perhaps later) book by the same author, Bill Bryson (a gift from Brenda); I knew the guy was a comic genius. He has certainly not let me down with this I will have to look up other tomes he has penned, all despite the fact that I believe he is a democrat...

Available at Amazon obviously (what isn't?) but I picked this up at the local used bookshop.

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Sarra Eaton said...

so now you are a democrat lover. traitor.