Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coralie Bickford-Smith

Two new volumes on the way...I am still short 3 books from the previous release...and that is because I haven't seen them around anywhere. I believe they were released in Canada; the release date for theUL is the 28th. They are The Lady in White, Shakespeares Sonnets, and The Odyssey.

The new volumes coming out, presumably in the UK , since we haven't had a full release of Volume II yet, are: Dante's Inferno and Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Wonderful additions, though I might be too scared to read Inferno. It took all my will power to read The Screwtape Letters...( which I both admired and would probably not read again simultaneously.) I don't do scary in any form.

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Royall said...

I'm still missing four! I also have my eye on these two. I noticed you can pre-order the books on but I don't see an estimate date of when you would actually get them so I'm too scared to purchase yet. And I know what you mean about scary books, I read Dorian Grey while Matt was away and I was scared to sleep, I had that mental image of his portrait at the end of the book seared into my memory, so creepy.