Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Hot Summer Day

It' s hot outside, with a very light breeze...couldn't be better weather. Unbeleivably we haven't had any mosquitos this year. We have had instead, some very funky weather though - funky enough that we have stocked up on kerosene fuel, flashlights and water!
Did anyone watch the finale of SYTYCD? My favorite did not win, but my second did, I was for the girls all the favorite being Kayla. Jeanine won though, and she is really nearly as perfect for me, so no matter. I was not a fan of either of the boys. It was a really terrific finale with redos of some of the best routines of the season. Fortunately for us, the Canadian version starts next week:-)

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Royall said...

I liked Ade best so I didn't really care who won the title as long as it wasn't Evan that is!