Sunday, August 16, 2009

and I quote...

"You get a lot more done when you get up early" this revelation came from Mano, who has discovered this gem after 53 years of life on earth.

"What do I know." Auntie Y - this is uttered as a Shakespearian aside in the midst of many a discussion - it is not a question.

"I didn't know what was going on." This is the funniest to me...all of these are subtle so will only be funny to those that know them best - this is what Timmy remarked to Sarra after coming home to say that he found some fun things at the store that he thought the kids would enjoy. When asked why he didn't pick them up, he gave this line. What it meant was that Sarra wasn't there - Tim doesn't really buy anything much other than formula and such, so he was in unfamiliar territory. Mark could teach him a thing or two.

The most famous in our family, and about 1 year old now is this one:

"Well, I like you, but I didn't learn about you." Charlie in response to my question of whether he had learned about grammies in Primary class. He didn't want to hurt my feelings.

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