Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tearful Goodbyes

I just said a tearful goodbye to Sarra, Tim and my grandchildren...especially Janey. Neither one of us likes to say goodbye...we know we will see each other again just leaves a little hole anyway. The house seems empty right now, even though Eli and Jared are here...they don't "patter" around with balloons and animals in tow, and they don't give me very many spontaneous hugs and kisses, though the very occasional one will come my way. I miss all those yummy babies already, actually I started missing them last night, but we made a play date for late August, when the apples on our trees will be ready and we can bake pies and make applesauce together. In the mean time we figured out a way to read books and snuggle together on the computer:-)

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