Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Dad

It is nearly a year that my Dad passed away, I called him 'Daddy' all my life...I miss him very much. I always think of him with love and memories of his kindness and endearing personal traits and habits - he will come to mind spontaneously often, when something reminds me of him. I remind my self of him some times, and oh my...my brother is looking more and more like our Dad.

I am thankful to Karen Dawley, my step sister, for this photo taken at his gravesite - I will visit the site myself hopefully this Fall - it is at the Fort Rosecrans Cemetary in San Diego, CA. A fitting resting place as my Dad spent much of his life in the area. Oh how I wish I could hug him one more time, and that I could hear him tell me that he loves me, and then I could say...I love you too.


Sarra Eaton said...

i love gramps. he was so cute with my babies. i can see him holding his scripture case around your house- i always noticed that

Elizabeth said...

He was a truly wonderful example in his later years, and a gentleman.

Brenda said...

Uncle Gordon is a gentle soul. The headstone is perfect in its simplicity and sentiment.