Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toopy & Binoo

This must be some Canadian genius... all my grandchildren love Toopy & Binoo. I have to say that even I am completely fascinated - the shows are creative, and fast paced, educational, sort of, but they are at the same time kind of trippy. We watch during 'quiet time' the half hour before bed. This is a favorite spot in the house for the kids - on grammie's big comfy bed with pillows and blankies...all snuggledy buggledy.

We celebrated Sarra's birthday; the children drew pictures and made up a song that basically goes to Frere starts off:
We love mommy
We love mommy
and she loves us,
she loves us,
Mommy makes our dinner,
Mommy likes to play with us,
Mommy sweeps the house (Charlie's)
Mommy looks after us
Mommy likes to read to us

It was very cute.

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