Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I love this author

This is the third book by this author, that I have read in the last year or two...Malcolm Gladwell is the author of 'Blink', 'Tipping Point', and his latest book 'Outliers'. These books will not change your life or anything like that, but they are so interesting on several levels. 1. You learn something about sociology and economics painlessly, these are an easy read. 2. He tells a lot of cool stories to illustrate his points - so the information does tend to stay with you. 3. The ideas he shares are actually rather useful in understanding our culture. 4. The information is just so interesting!

One example from the newest book about success; it takes 10,000 hours to become really proficient at something - it's not (only) talent, but hard work (10,000 hours!) and opportunities that make people radically successful. Think Bill Gates, athletes, The Beatles....missionaries (who according to Timmy get about 7000 hours of scriptural study), musicians, etc. There are many great stories to back up his ideas. Read the book -highly recommended:-)

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