Thursday, January 13, 2011

President Obama

President Obama is not my favorite person, and I did not vote for him because of his left leaning tendencies. His voting as a senator was very left - and I was aware of this prior to his election. However, I have to say that he gave a memorial speech tonight for those killed in Tuscon, AZ, that was both practical and beautiful, both healing and spiritual, it was a talk that was given, seemingly, from his heart. It was personal, and real. I hope that it was not written for him, because I believe right now that he may be a better person that I once thought, and that he may still hold the possibility of bringing the country together - he made a lot of sense tonight. I still do not want my country to go so far left...I hope for and will vote for a more conservative approach, but I have a new respect for the President, that I am grateful for.

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Lew said...

Thank you for posting about this! We don't have TV, so I was unaware of this speech. I just watched it and loved it, too. Hope you are doing well!