Friday, January 22, 2010

Help Haitians

First Presidency Appeals to Members to Help Haiti

In an official statement, the First Presidency has appealed to the worldwide membership of the Church to help relieve the suffering in Haiti. To make a donation, go to the Humanitarian Services Emergency Response donation form. Visit the Newsroom for updates on the Church’s relief efforts in Haiti.

(Just so you know, funds given through the LDS church will really make it to the people who need it - and will NOT be wasted on excessive administration.)

Relief Supplies Provided by the Church

Three air shipments of aid provided by the Church have arrived and are being used in Haiti. They include food, medical supplies, tents, water filtration bottles, blankets, newborn kits, wheelchairs, first aid kits and other items. Those three flights include a total of nearly 225,000 pounds of relief supplies. The Church provided the transportation for one of those flights, and CARE and United Airlines provided transport for the other two.

Two more flights are scheduled to leave from Miami by this weekend, and additional flights are planned from Chicago. United Airlines again is providing the transportation for the Chicago shipments, and Islamic Relief USA is providing part of the transportation costs for the Miami shipments. Plans are also being made for future shipments.

Additionally, three truckloads of relief supplies have arrived in Haiti with supplies the Church procured in the Dominican Republic.

Medical Relief

A team of five medical personnel coordinated by the Church arrived on Friday, 15 January, from the Dominican Republic to assist the injured. Another team of 16 medical professionals from the United States arrived on 18 January and are currently providing care for those who need it. “It means so much to these people to know that somebody knows that they are here,” said Brandon Hall, a doctor from Mapleton, Utah.

The Deseret News has been following the doctors and has published these stories on the work they are doing:

First Medical Team Sent by Mormon Church to Arrive in Haiti

Medical Team Finally Reaches Haiti

Church Meetinghouses as Shelters

All of the Church’s meetinghouses in Haiti have been left largely undamaged. Local Church leaders report that nine chapels in Haiti have been used to shelter as many as 5,000 people in local communities where the chapels are located. Several truckloads of food and other relief supplies have been shipped to the chapels, and doctors sent by the Church have provided treatment to injured individuals who are taking shelter there.

Church Member and Missionary Status

Among the millions of people affected by the earthquake in Haiti are thousands of Latter-day Saints. As reported last week on, all Latter-day Saint missionaries in Haiti are accounted for and safe. They are now participating in the relief efforts and have been helping unload relief supplies at the Church’s meetinghouses. At this point, 20 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have died as a result of the quake, and hundreds more have injuries.

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