Monday, June 1, 2009


This weekend, while visiting Sarra's family, we did 'polish' as Jane says. Jane applied the sparkles and jewels on my 2 big toes (with a little help from Charlie), and I thought, why haven't I ever done this before? It's so cute (I should include a photo here of Jane's work) and I have included photos I found online...from a website called I think you may be be inspired to embellish YOUR toes.

We did a lot of other activities that are more story worthy than my toes...stay tuned.


Sarra Eaton said...

Hey I needed some ideas about how to use our gems. Thanks. I am kind of into the one where you just collage a motley of jewels. Please promise me you won't buy any gems. I have millions. I will just give you half of my package and that should last us both for the rest of our toe-painting lives.

Elizabeth said...

That is definitely my favortie too, the only one I can see myself actually doing. I can't wait to get my half...I'll wait til you get here and we can let Jane give us the full treatment:-)