Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The finale...and two great talents. Somehow all the expectation fell just a bit flat for me (dawg). Maybe Kris and Adam were both tired...and that last song - the worst written song in history. In my opinion they both blew that final original song. Kris in particular started off the best, gave off the best vibe, but couldn't hit the highs, and it just wasn't Adam's cup of tea at all. The other two songs were pretty good for both of them, Mad World being my favorite from the entire season...Kris should have chosen either 'Falling' or 'Heartless'. But honestly, the swagger was missing tonight.

Who should win, it's like choosing whether you love an apple over an orange, they just are really hard to compare. For the first time, in my diligent following of AI, I am stumped. Good luck to both of them.


Royall said...

I can't believe Kris won. I'd been rooting for Adam since country week (Cash never sounded so good)!

Elizabeth said...

I KNOW! But you have to admit that Kris is good too, musically and with his arrangements etc. He probably has wider appeal and Adam doesn't need AI to make it big any more. He is 'some' entertainer though - like wilbur:-) Love you!