Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Grand Canyon

We all went to the Odyssium last evening to see an Imax film on the Grand Canyon. First we went to have Persian food at a new restaurant in Edmonton called 'Sabzee'. The food was excellent. Everyone was happy, especially Baba who was starting to make Maman mad with his comments of how wonderful the food was...alas. So back to the Grand Canyon. This is where the lines were drawn in our family. We are at one of the wonders of the world. Some of us can't get enough of the magnificent view - would have spent a couple of days, maybe taken a mule part way down or something, ridden the train etc....others took a quick look left and right and were ready to head home. This was especially true of the one that parked our vehicle in a vast parking lot, right next to the only other vehicle in that vast parking lot - a huge charter bus, forgetting that we had a trailer behind us, and hooking onto the bumper of the bus. This was tricky in a number of ways, first, it was sorely tempting to hit and run...b/c we were alone, I can't say it didn't cross our minds as an option...but we were in the presence of 4 impressionable we spent the morning tracking down the bus company so we could straighten it all out. They were shocked and amazed to hear from us. Also, it ruined the view for that person in particular, and that person proceeded to ruin it for see the problem. I'm not sure whether to name names or's not a bad thing not to want to see things...Pres. Hinckley did the same thing with the ocean...pulled up...let the fam out, and said 'well, there it is.' He was pretty much ready to go back home at that point. It's just that we solidly fell into different camps that day, and remain in those camps to this day. We all know who we are, and most of you who are reading this can probably guess. Yes, the film brought back wonderful memories of learning about our own does that I think. It's a wonderful memory for me.


Sarra Eaton said...

I am ashamed to admit that I was one of the "take a look" and head back to the car... actually, did I even get out of the car???? Teenagers are brutal!!

Elizabeth said...

You were in good company:-)

Brooke Barragan said...

how 'bout coming to see the real thing and visiting little old me? it's by my new house!