Saturday, October 22, 2011

Korean Beef & Rice

This was made in 29 minutes...and is from a Pampered Chef cookbook. I'm not usually a huge fan of these little P/C books, but this book is really terrific. The photo could have been better, but we decided to take a photo a little late...but you get the idea. Delicious. Here is the recipe:

Flank steak (this is important, and I learned something here...flank steak is not expensive and can be tough - the trick is to  cut it in strips against the grain - which is the goal with any steak - and it is wonderfully tender this way, It's quites striated, if that makes sense.

3 T soy sauce ( we like the sweet Korean style - especially for this recipe)
1 T sesame oil ( necessary -don't skip_
1 t sugar (or substitute)
2 cloves of garlic, minced.

• Make this sauce, and then pour over the beef strips in a bowl to marinate while you get the rice started.

• Make jasmine rice. Once it's on the go... chop the green onion, and peel the carrots (see below)

• Peel 2-3 medium carrots, then continue to peel, making long carrot curls. Place in bowl of ice water til you are ready to serve them.

• Cook the beef, by heating 1-2 T vegetable oil and adding the beef in a single layer. Leave undisturbed for 2 minutes on one side, then turn over and cook the other side another 2 minutes. While you are cooking beef, microwave 1/2 of frozen peas.

Serve in a pretty rice bowl; rice topped with beef, green onion, been sprouts, peas, and (drained) carrot curls.  Super easy, fresh, and really, really good.

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