Monday, October 10, 2011

An Important Post....on Polish

Ok, so it's not that important, but I do love this color. It's called Ingrid, by China Glaze, and it's a very wearable soft minky brown with a subtle gold fleck. It's not an 'I'm not really sure I can wear this out' kind of brown, though to be truthful I would wear any brown out nowadays. The lower photo is the more accurate photo of the two. 

Yesterday (and the day before) I was sick, (today not too bad - the fastest cold recovery ever!) and had to amuse myself whilst laying around all day, which was astonishingly easy to do! I rearranged my Fall lipsticks (swapped them with the Summer hues - so Summer is now in the drawer), likewise my perfumes...(goodbye for now to 'Beach' and 'Bronze Goddess') and hello to Burberry, and Flower Bomb.

What else did I do...I posted on my blog numerous times, I watched multiple conference talks...and General Relief Society talks...loved Elder Oaks talk, all of them really.  I slogged down copious amounts of herbal tea with FRESH honey, and Buckley's™. 

Today I was all a whirl of activity, feeling better, I caught up with all kinds of mundane but satisfying tasks like tacking a hook on an under garment that needed sewing, cleaning out my kitchen drawers, righting a white washer load that had gone pink, counting out the missing china pieces that I would like to order, attempting to cream my newly acquired honey, and the like.  

We moved some trees around today too, and dear hubby would come and get me to look at each new move... he loves trees, and our trees in particular. A birch that had been banished to our tree graveyard (where we move sick and perhaps dying trees, but sometimes they are just Charlie Brown trees) revived whilst there, as they often do (it's a magical tree graveyard) and is now resplendent in our front yard. It's golden and beautiful...I will take a photo tomorrow and post it.

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