Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Brown Pelican

More Brown Pelican info for Jane, Charlie, and Jacob. We learned about the Brown Pelican today, and here is more information!

 It will be fun to listen the sounds they  make, their song, and their call. See below:


Brown Pelican: Large, unmistakable seabird, gray-brown body, dark brown, pale yellow head and neck, oversized bill. Black legs, webbed feet. Feeds on fish by plunge diving and scooping them up with pouch. Powerful flight alternates flaps with short glides. Flies close to the water in straight line.

Range and Habitat

Brown Pelican: Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf coasts north to Nova Scotia, occasionally found inland. Preferred habitats include sandy coastal beaches and lagoons, waterfronts and pilings, and rocky cliffs.
Sounds and Calls:

Listen to Call

Brown Pelican Voice

Voice Text

Generally silent                    
                                                                  Interesting Facts:

  • A group of pelicans has many collective nouns, including a "brief", "pod", "pouch", "scoop", and "squadron" of pelicans.
  • The Brown Pelican can hold about three gallons of water (and fish) in its pouch. They have air sacks beneath their skin and in their bones that make them very buoyant.
  • The Brown Pelican incubates its eggs in an unusual manner; it covers them with its webbed feet. This practice was detrimental to the species when the pesticide DDT was in common use. This pesticide caused thinning of the eggshells resulting in so many broken eggs that the species became endangered.
  • Though adult pelicans may consume as much as four pounds of fish per day, they do not compete with sport or commercial fishermen because of type of fish they eat.

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The Eatons said...

The kids want you to know that they did their homework and they think the bird you gave for homework is a "Western Gull"
They like that a group of Pelicans is called a scoop. A group of Gulls is a squabble.