Thursday, January 10, 2013

Works Like a Charm

I apologize about this last post about my refrigerator but I did promise to let you know if the lazy susan's were a waste of space, or an effective way to access items. The conundrum lies in the fact that they take up space so I can't fit as many bottles (or items) on the shelf where they sit, but they allow for total access to all the what's the verdict? They are totally worth it - they do take up space, but if everything is jammed onto the shelf, we don't use what's at the back anyway - I end up storing the bottles til I throw them away for being a ripe old age! Perhaps even growing things!

What I have noticed, however, is that even the items deemed useful enough to go on the lazy susans are not typically high use items. Maybe b/c it's winter - we don't use that much mustard right now for example. They kill two birds with one stone, preventing stuffed shelves and letting you see what you have to use up easily. I purchased these stainless steel lazy susans at Superstore in the housewares department for $9.99.

Ok enough about that! Have I been keeping up with everything? Shelf-by-shelf? Writing? Exercise? Check, Check, Not Check. Still and all, it's never too late. The de-cluttering is going swimmingly - I've been to goodwill several times already. Drawers, shelves are indeed one by one being de-junked. I am also cleaning as I go - so it's a little slow going but worth it. I yet to tackle that spice feels daunting, sort of mainly b/c I don't know if I want to rethink the storage bottles or not.

Lastly, and most unrelated, I asked Jane who has been voraciously reading through all the Harry Potter books, to let me know when she begins the final book. For reasons unexplainable, when I was reading Book 7 some years ago - I couldn't seem to slog through all the time they spent at Sirius Black's house. They were there too long for me. I set it aside and never finished after having read through all 6 previous volumes! It's unfathomable really. Well, Jane and I have begun (and she has probably finished - we have to commiserate on that) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and this time I can't put it down. I'm on page 393 (just so you know Jane) and the minute I type the last word here, I'm going to steal away to read a bit before I go visiting teaching. I'm disapparting....

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