Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Far, So Good

So far my (not) resolutions are going great...shelf-by-shelf: check. Write every day: check. Exercise daily: ummm, will do today still, I have 10 more hours!

I have cleared out, in the last few days, my bedside table (Mano too, without a single prompt from me - trust me though, he didn't throw much away, I know this without even looking or asking. He's a pack rat.), a kitchen drawer, the refrigerator, and I cleared off my dresser. It feels good; only 999 more shelves, drawers, cubbies, surfaces, to go.

Writing has been easy - I just sit down to do it, and bam, it's done. I'm on a roll. I think to tweak that goal, I'll add a word count. For now 500 words/day. I'll have to use the computer more to know that, right now I write in a notebook, which I do like, but will have to learn how many 'inches' of my handwriting equal 500 words. I can do that, and will let you know.

What else did I say I would do? I'll have to go back and look. Those are the two that stand out....well the exercising stands out, but I really did wait til the actual 1st to do this one. I will, I will! I couldn't do it last night because  had 17 recordings of Coronation Street to get through:)

Oh, think more...yes, I've thought much today! I really have, I had a quiet day, with nary a sound in the house, for much thinking.

Crafting...I mended something yesterday that was in great need of mending, and saved myself $86 on an article that was expensive, but unwearable with out the mending. So that was good; hardly a craft, but it was good. I also got out a book on painting that I've been reading, not exactly like painting, but still I learned a lot, and I was inspired!

I found a great recipe I am going to try on marthastewart.com for Moroccan Meatball Carrot and Sweet Potato stew. Here's the link - I'm making it today:


This blog post is (was, before I started writing this sentence!)  344 words. That's going to be too easy - but I'll stick with it for awhile to make sure that's it's doable. Till next time!

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